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To schedule an appointment, kindly fill out the form below or contact any of our branch locations to arrange a suitable date and time that aligns with your schedule. You can refer to our office hours, conveniently listed here. Following your submission, we will promptly contact you to validate your requested appointment date and time. Please contact our office if you do not receive a response within one business day. Thank you for considering our services.

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Request Order Status:

During our initial meeting, we will provide you with a preliminary timeline outlining the expected timeframe for installing your stone, along with a copy of your order form. This document will have a designated section indicating the estimated completion date, specifying the year and season when your stone is projected to be set, e.g., Summer 2024.

The duration required to receive and install your monument can vary due to various factors, including the granite source, the intricacy of the design, and prevailing weather conditions. Should you wish to check the status of your stone's arrival or its placement on our upcoming schedule, you can either call us or utilize the provided form below. We commit to promptly supplying you with an update within one to two business days. Once your monument is installed, we will notify you via email or traditional mail, enclosing your final invoice and a collection of photographs showcasing your stone in its completed state.

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Request final date:

You have several convenient options to have the date of passing engraved or incorporated onto an existing stone. You can contact us by phone, visit our three locations in person, or complete the form below. It's essential to remember that the expense associated with this service was not included in the initial stone purchase.

In the event you are still waiting to receive a response from us within two business days after submitting your request, we recommend giving us a call to ensure that we have received and acknowledged your bid. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to assist you with this meaningful addition to your memorial stone.

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Request quote:

The cost of a monument can fluctuate significantly, contingent on factors such as its size, color, finish, additional lettering, etching, design, cemetery fees, and more. We offer a diverse selection of monuments to accommodate various budget considerations. If you'd like to obtain a rough estimate of the price range for a particular stone you have in mind, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or by completing the form below. We are more than happy to assist you in gaining a better understanding of the potential costs associated with your desired monument.

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